• Hotel rates and amenities: what to expect in 2012

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    From one year to the next, corporate travelers may notice that the hotel rates and amenities their companies have negotiated for travelers will often change. Many CWT clients are in the final stages of their negotiations for 2012, and the CWT Solutions Group is noticing that for many clients rates will be increasing next year at North American hotels, especially in high occupancy markets. The most recent issue of CWT Vision delves into this topic deeper in the article here.

    As a traveler, it’s worth keeping an eye on which of your company’s preferred hotels are offering the best rates at which properties during the time periods in which you’ll be traveling. Staying within corporate travel policy and being sure to book via approved methods to secure your company’s negotiated discounts are key to helping your company get the best value.

    Additionally, keep an eye on which amenities may be included in your company’s negotiated rate. While many hotels had previously included amenities such as free breakfast and internet access as part of the room rate, some hotels are starting to move away from this strategy and instead may be charging separately for such amenities. If amenities such as free breakfast, internet, or parking are included in your room rate, make sure to take advantage of them whenever possible to maximize your company’s travel dollars.

    As a traveler, what are the amenities you are most likely to use? Do you make sure to consult your travel policy to see what is included in your rate?

    Safe travels!

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