• Online Love and Travel: How they make the heart grow fonder

    Rosalba Chiappetta
    How many couples do you know today that met via the internet?  I think the numbers may surprise you.  The creation and evolution of the internet enables people from sea to sea to meet and interact in very different ways than we ever imagined would be possible.

    This non- traditional method of meeting people and the mere idea that love can possibly blossom from an encounter of this nature may seem foreign and impossible to many of you, but I can tell you from personal experience that it does happen!

    We were separated by 7000 kilometers and our first encounter was completely by accident. We met in a cultural chat room (not an online dating site), and after  many exchanges back and forth over a period of time we both realized that something special was evolving.  The anticipation of hearing from each other every day grew very strong and eventually I wanted more than just webcam and keyboarding exchanges.  The distance was not the issue; the problem was finding the time to get to the destination.  Neither one of us had personally budgeted to travel across the world for love, but the pull on my heart strings told me that I had to make it happen.

    I finally made a decision to go to Venice.  It was my opportunity to see fine art, brush up on some history, experience Italian culture, enhance my travel experience to help benefit  my clients, and to meet my  new “friend.”  I seized the opportunity, and the result is a happily married woman! Without the amazing technology of the internet combined with my ability to travel overseas, I might still be looking for Mr. Right.

    Distances may be extreme, but everyday people like me are finding love in unique ways. I have no doubt that airlines, rail companies, coach lines, car rental agencies, cruise lines and ferry service providers all contribute to the happiness of couples who have met online and followed their hearts.  In this case, we all benefit when it comes to love!

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  1. Gita Kumar says:

    Love your story Rosalba! Wishing you happiness now & forever with your internet beau!