• A bucket list for travel with and without kids

    As I have two small kids, my travel bucket list includes a combination of family and personal travel. 

    • 30-day RV road trip through the western United States—One state park at a time, kids and all.  
    • Slovenia—It is the homeland of my dad and is the only place I can go that feels like I am going home. 

      Alaska Cruise

      Alaska Cruise. Photo by: Dwight Tracy.

    • Cruise to Alaska—Combination of civilized (on ship) and wild (off ship).
    • Australia—Great Barrier Reef – It may not be around forever, so we need to see it.  
    • Fiji—Got to have the lay on the beach vacation.
    • Galapagos islands—Seems like you could see things there that you may never see anywhere else.  


    Have you done any of these trips? Any you’d recommend I move to the top of my list?

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