• Adventure Awaits Seasoned Travelers

    Cindy Nelson
    Many of you have likely traveled to Disney World and Cancun – probably even France and Australia – some of the most popular and loved destinations. Now, as a seasoned traveler, you might find yourself seeking something with a bit more adventure and off-the-beaten path. If this describes you, you’re not alone; as more and more people place travel at the top of their priority list, many travelers are looking for that next, great destination!

    How about an Amazon River cruise? Winding through dense and biologically diverse tropical rainforest, the Amazon is the world’s largest river by volume. The Amazon is teeming with wildlife and exotic plants, some found nowhere else on Earth. You can explore its mysterious waters on river cruises in Brazil and Peru.
    If you’re a food and wine lover, then Spain should be on your list. Spain produces some of the best wines in the world, and many consider the Rioja wines some of their best. Spain is also renowned for olive oil and is the world’s largest olive oil producer and exporter – sending oro liquid (liquid gold) to more than 100 countries on five continents.

    An additional destination we’ve really seen soaring in popularity recently is India. Beyond the romance of the Taj Mahal, travelers will find exotic culture with vibrant street markets and color festivals. Visitors to India can eat their way through Deli, sightsee in Agra, shop in Jaipur and imbibe in Mumbai.

    The world awaits – where will your next journey take you?

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