• United/Continental reservation system transition takes place this weekend

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    As part of the United/Continental merger, the two airlines will be completing their reservation system transition beginning tonight and into tomorrow. As a traveler, here are a few things you should know:

    System downtime: Starting at approximately 1:00 a.m. CST on March 3, 2011, travelers will be unable to book new United reservations online or over the phone. Following completion of the transition, which is expected to take a few hours, United tickets will once again be available to book.

    New record locators: As a part of the transition, all United and Continental tickets will get new record locator numbers. The record locator is the number a traveler would use to check in for their reservation online or at an airport kiosk. Travelers should receive their new record locators following the transition, but if you don’t get yours, don’t worry. The old record locator will still work at the kiosks or the airline website.

    United airplane

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    Frequent flyer information:

    Depending on whether you were a member of Continental’s OnePass program, United’s MileagePlus program, or both, you may have received a new United MileagePlus number recently.

    • MileagePlus only: If you had only a United MileagePlus account, you should have received a new 8-digit MileagePlus account number from United. If you’re not sure you received this number, log in at http://mileageplusmergerupdates.com/ using your old MileagePlus number to see your new information.
    • OnePass only: If you had only a Continental OnePass account, that number will become your new United MileagePlus number.
    • Both accounts, linked: If you had both a Continental OnePass account and a United MileagePlus account, and you linked your accounts before January 28, your Continental OnePass number became your new United MileagePlus number.
    • Both accounts, not linked: If you have both a Continental OnePass account and a United MileagePlus account, but you didn’t link your accounts, your Continental OnePass number will become your new United MileagePlus number, and you will also receive a new United MileagePlus number to replace your previous MileagePlus number. This will give you two United MileagePlus numbers. United has indicated that travelers in this scenario will not lose any miles. Additional information about how to handle this scenario will be available directly from United.
    • Premier status: 2011 premier status was extended through March 2. In late-February and early March, 2012 premier membership cards were being mailed to travelers from United.

    Updating traveler profiles:
    Starting March 3, it is recommended that you update your United MileagePlus number in your traveler profile as soon as possible using your normal processes (for CWT clients this would either be via an online booking tool or profile tool, or via a call to a CWT travel counselor). Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that any old frequent flyer numbers have been removed from your profile. But remember, don’t make these updates until tomorrow, since that’s when the new United MileagePlus program takes effect.

    Please note: If you have your United or Continental frequent flyer numbers linked with any frequent hotel stay or frequent car rental programs, you’ll need to make the corresponding updates to those accounts as well.

    Frequently Asked Questions: More information and FAQs are available online at the United Hub website here: http://hub.united.com/en-us/FAQ/Pages/default.aspx.

    Safe Travels!

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  1. Paul Petras says:

    Just another merger and degradation of services for the traveler. I would suggest that your MBA’s and corporate executives read “The Goose that laid the Golden Egg”: Greed and instant money does not always work. Big Banks, Big Airlines, Big utilities, and Big Phone companies. None of the above has actually made the process of money, travel, energy or communications better. Now all that happens is that we get to talk to foreign speaking CSR’s and the American worker and peoples suffer.