• Getting some rest in an airport

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    It’s happened to most of us one time or another: going through security at the airport only to discover after that a flight is delayed for several hours. In the past, travelers who wanted to rest or work in peace had to choose between renting a hotel room, which required them to leave the airport and pass through security again to re-enter; paying for airport lounge access, which can be costly; or trying to nap or work at the terminal, which can often prove distracting and uncomfortable. Today, there is a new option being introduced across the United States and overseas—small rooms for rent located right at the terminal. This service is available in the United States at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Concourse B at Gate B15) and Philadelphia International Airport (Terminal A-B Link) through a company called Minute Suites.

    These rooms offer the privacy travelers may be seeking, as well as amenities such as daybed sofas, pillows, blankets, sound-masking systems, alarm clocks (or even wake-up call service),  HDTVs that convert into computers with access to the Internet and the airport’s flight tracking system, desks, phones, and office chairs. And laptop users can use WiFi or a direct connection port to connect to the Internet. Prices start at $30 an hour, with each additional 15 minutes costing $7.50. However, discounts apply to travelers staying four hours or more, and pilots, airline employees, and military personnel also receive discounted rates.

    Internationally, several other providers offer this service as well at locations such as Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London, Schiphol in Amsterdam, Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Munich Airport, and Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

    What do you think of this development in the travel industry? Would you book a suite in an airport terminal to save time and have a little privacy? Or do you prefer an alternative option, such as airport hotels or lounges?  

    Safe Travels!

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