• Innovative tools to assist travelers on the road

    Nick "Brainy Traveler"
    I had an opportunity to sit down with a few journalists this morning at ACTE’s global conference in San Francisco to discuss future innovations in travel management. At CWT Solutions Group, we’re developing tools that will help you make effective travel decisions while on the road by utilizing the technology at your fingertips. A couple of ideas in the works include a traveler scorecard, which will help you understand the impact of your individual travel decisions to the company’s bottom line, and adaptive travel policies, that would vary based on your volume of travel. Check out this short video to learn more, or visit our website.

    As a traveler, how do you support your company’s travel goals?

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  1. Katia says:

    Nick, would love to talk to you about the traveler scorecard and the adoptive travel policy. As you probably know we are all about bringing additional benefits to our travelers and educating them on the program.