• Technology a hot topic at GBTA Canada

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    The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) held its Canadian conference in Toronto last week. This annual conference brings together travel buyers and travel suppliers, travel management companies and industry leaders for two days of education and networking.  CWT once again sponsored and participated in this conference, taking advantage of the opportunity to meet with clients and stay up to date on the latest developments in the travel industry. I’d like to introduce today’s guest blogger to share a little bit about the conference: Sherry Saunders, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CWT Canada.

    Sherry SaundersI find it to be energizing anytime travel industry professionals get together to talk about the future of our industry. The travel business is ever-changing, and each of the elements of a trip, from booking to airport security, to flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. are constantly evolving. As a traveler, you’re likely accustomed to the constant change.

    At the GBTA Canada conference last week, one theme that was prevalent was technology. It seems that at every stage in the travel process, there is an opportunity for a traveler to use technology to help improve their travel experience. And the potential for future innovation in travel technology is limitless. Airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel management companies like CWT are all involved in charting our industry’s course as it relates to technology. Throughout the GBTA conference, it was quite clear this was a focus for many travel providers.

    I had the opportunity to participate on a panel with other travel industry leaders, and talk about key topics including technology and safety and security. At CWT, we envision the future of travel to be driven by technology that will allow access to information while enhancing the travel experience. Maybe a trip is going exactly as planned, or maybe the traveler is faced with unexpected challenges like delays or cancellations; in either scenario there are numerous opportunities where technology can help make the travel experience as smooth and efficient as possible. For example, with the CWT To Go app, CWT travelers have access to flight alerts and gate change information, mobile check-in, maps and even restaurant reservations, all available for free through one convenient app on their mobile device.

    It’s exciting to think about how far technology has already come, and how it will evolve in the coming years. Is there any specific type of travel technology you wish was in place today?

    Outside the conference activities, I also had a chance to meet with some of CWT’s clients Tuesday evening. It is always a pleasure to personally connect with CWT clients, the people who are driving the future of corporate travel within their own organizations. And to top it all off, we got to give back to the community by making a donation on behalf of our clients to a local food bank.

    Overall, the conference was a great example of some of the many ways business travel is valuable: personal connections were made, productive discussions were conducted, and visions of the future were shared. We’d love to hear, what do you think the future of travel holds in store?

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