• For Håkan Ericsson, it’s not a sprint

    Hakan Erickson and the family dog, Rex

    Rex, the family's Smooth Fox Terrier relaxes before his owner goes out for a little 26.2-mile jog.

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    If you were given a dime for every time you’d heard something referred to as “a marathon, not a sprint,” you could fill a whole portfolio with Facebook stock. But Håkan Ericsson, CWT President of the Americas, can refer to marathons from first-hand knowledge, having run three of the 26.2-mile (42.195-km) races despite taking up running relatively late in life.

    Håkan ran this past weekend in the Copenhagen Marathon, finishing in a time of 5:01:46, and hopes to run again in the New York City Marathon on Nov. 4.

    We chatted with Håkan about his most recent race.

    CWT Savvy Traveler: How many miles do you run a week to stay in shape for a marathon?
    Håkan Ericsson: I am running roughly 20 miles per week, but before a marathon I step it up to 35.

    ST: When did you take up distance running?
    HE: I am really a beginner and did not do much exercise for the last 20 years. I took up running in the autumn of 2010 to get in better shape and have since done the Paris 20 km and Paris half marathon and also three marathons: Copenhagen now twice and New York once.

    ST: How did it feel to cross the finish line?
    HE: This time I arrived in Denmark from the U.S. only one day before the race and that was too short time to acclimate to the jet lag, so it was hard, but I did finish. The feeling to cross the line is great and you start to forget the pain you felt after about 2/3 of the race. (That part of the race is the most challenging.)

    ST: What other marathons would you like to run in the future?
    HE: My goal is really just to continue challenging myself and to stay in shape. I hope to do the New York City marathon in November.

    To hear and see more from Håkan Ericsson, check out his introductory post on CWT Savvy Traveler from earlier this year.

2 Responsesso far.

  1. Bob A. says:

    I’ve done two 100-mile bike rides and I would rather do that than ever consider running 26.2 miles. I just can’t imagine. That’s a level of dedication that I have never been able to muster. Kudos!

  2. Janet Wheatley Janet Wheatley says:

    Congratulations, Hakan! And to answer the question, I’m good for a 10k. Can’t imagine a marathon, especially with jet lag.