• Armed Forces Day and Military Travel

    Bob Beard
    No matter what your politics, I think we can all be grateful that this Armed Forces Day (May 19) and Memorial Day (May 28) we will have more soldiers traveling home than going to the war theaters.  This may have you asking, “What type of travel do the men and women of the armed forces do?”  (Probably not, but it was the only segue I could come up with to get to the body of this post).

    Unlike the rest of us who travel primarily for one of two reasons, business or pleasure, the military has many different types of travel and it is up to our expert military and government travel agents to know and understand each type so that the soldier can be successfully booked and ticketed.  Some of these soldiers will be taking their very first flight.  Others are seasoned fliers, but still need guidance on what they can and can’t do on a particular mission.

    Below are listed by abbreviation, in true Government form, the 8 main types of travel that our armed forces perform:

    • TDY—Temporary Duty Travel.  This would be most akin to corporate business travel; an example being a four day trip to Chicago and back.
    • RR—Rest and Relaxation Travel.  Travel for rest and relaxation for usually a 2 week period of time out of a stressful assignment area.
    • PCS—Permanent Change of Station Travel.  This is when a soldier moves from one permanent assignment to another.  This involves moving the soldier, his family, household goods, and pets.
    • LICWO—Leisure in Conjunction with Official Travel. This is the combining of a leisure stop en route to or on the way back from an assignment.  The soldier pays for the personal part of the trip.
    • RAT—Renewal Agreement Travel.  This is travel in conjunction with back to back tours of duty.
    • RRT—Ready Reserve Travel.  Travel performed by our Ready Reserve units for either training or mobilization.
    • SCT—Special Circumstances Travel. This covers a whole range of not easily categorized reasons for travel.
    • PDT—This is travel to an initial permanent duty station.
    • EL— Emergency Leave.  This is travel time granted to a soldier to return to his family due to a hardship of one kind or another.

    So the next time you hear a serviceman or women say, “I have to go on RAT travel,” you will know that the rat is NOT the means of conveyance.

    Always happy to help clear these things up.

    -Blogger Bob

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