• Bucket list destinations

    Cheryl Rodgers

    1. India: Tigers are my favorite animal and I’ve always dreamed of seeing them in the wild. Knowing that there are still a few roaming in India, this destination makes the top of my list!
    2. China: I’ve also dreamed of seeing pandas in the wild, and China is the place to do it! The Toronto Zoo is bringing in a panda exhibit next year, which I’m looking forward to, but I would still really love to see them in their natural environment.
    3. Japan: There aren’t any animal ties to my interest in Japan; I’ve just always had an interest in the people, culture and the land.

    What destinations are on your travel bucket-list?

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  1. Nikki McLain Nikki McLain says:

    My bucket list locations are: Croatia, mainland Spain – as I’ve already been to the Canary Islands, Portugal, Greece, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Let’s be honest, my goal in life is to have visited all the continents – even Antarctica! !

  2. Elizabeth Rugile says:

    Italy, Ireland, and Australia are at the top of my list at the moment. New Zealand is my favorite destination I’ve crossed off the list so far!