• Tips to stay on the wellness wagon

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean staying healthy is a moot point. Here are some simple tips to help you stay on the wellness wagon.

    Be mindful about what you eat

    – Pack healthy, travel-friendly foods to snack on during the flight, meetings and in your hotel room. Nuts, granola bars and dried fruit are some of my favorites.

    – It’s hard to travel and not eat out so order off the healthy & fit menu when you can. Most restaurants identify which dishes are healthier alternatives. If you can’t or they don’t, ask the chef to make a healthier version of what you want (i.e. grilled salmon with no butter or oil).

    Get a good nights rest

    – Pack an eye mask and ear plugs if you are a light sleeper

    – If you like noise to fall asleep to, download a mobile app such as “White Noise” for a collection of ambient noises to help you drift off. (It even has a built-in alarm clock and sleep function.)

    Don’t fall behind on exercise

    – An easy way to work in exercise is to walk and take the stairs whenever possible. Staying on a lower floor in the hotel? Take the stairs. Have a meeting break? Walk the hallways or get some sun and walk outside.

    – Try to stay in a hotel with a gym open to guests. If you will be working long hours, make sure to check the gym’s hour of operations to be sure you will have access prior to booking.

    Take travel woes with grace

    – Let’s face it. Travel is often stressful. CWT To Go helps you manage any issues you may have with your flight by providing information on delays, gate changes, etc. You also have access to your hotel contact information, car rentals and dinner reservations right at your fingertips.

    – Prepare for the potential of lost luggage by packing any essentials and at least two outfits (that can be mixed and matched) in your carry on.

    How do you stay healthy on the road?  Do you have any tips to share?

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