• What do Canadians celebrate on Canada Day?

    Claudia Viani
    This July 1st Canadians (or landed immigrants) will join together to celebrate Canada Day, but each person, family and neighbor will have their own reason or way of celebrating.

    Many of us new Canadians will celebrate by thanking Canada for welcoming us to a majestic and peaceful country, that will provide a future and lifestyle that would not have been possible in the “old country.”

    Canada Day fireworks over Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie, Ontario (Wikimedia commons image by Darren Baker)

    My father always proudly displays the Canadian flag on the flag pole in our back yard, out his car window (along with the Italian flag right now due the Euro Cup finals), and will gladly tell anyone that “Canada the Best Country!” It does not take away from his love of our native country, but what is amazing is that regardless of where new Canadians came from, we are allowed to celebrate both cultures freely and with passion.

    I had the wonderful opportunity last year of hosting a university student from Iran, so I asked her to join me to attend our University’s Homecoming football game.  She was thrilled and took many pictures. I was delighted to see such enthusiasm from her in the festivities that, well, we may have come to expect and therefore take for granted. She later told me it was an amazing experience that she would never forget as women are not allowed to attend sports events in her home country.

    Last week I was in Saskatoon and happened to be there on National Aboriginal Day, which recognizes and celebrates the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis people of Canada. The news coverage of this event was amazing and I regret not staying the weekend to take part in their proud and colorful festivities. Note to self for next year.

    I am so fortunate to work for a global organization such as CWT, which promotes and enjoys cultural diversity in the workplace each and every day. After all, where else can one enjoy the best Butter Chicken recipe if not for my coworker who proudly shared it on our internal social media network, Yammer!

    This July 1st, Canadians will celebrate with pride as we are fortunate to live in a bilingual majestic country where we are free to enjoy our beliefs and ethnic culture. We all contribute each and every day to this melting pot called Canada, which is a place I am happy to call home!

    My favorite way to celebrate is in our backyard surrounded by family and friends, where we enjoy a nice mixed grill barbeque, fresh market veggies and salads, along with local strawberry short cake!  Oh yes, we will be serving Canadian brewed beer, and alas, my favorite California wine selections.

    Do you have any plans to travel within Canada this year?

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  1. Helene Mertz says:

    Hi Claudia,
    This is the 1st time I’ve clicked on the link to the Savvy Traveler. My mother is French Canadian and all my relatives still live there. I have such wonderful childhood memories of going to Canada at Christmas and in the summer. I don’t get back as often as I’d like but reading your article makes me want to be there for Canada Day and National Aboriginal Day now.