• A frequent traveler’s pet peeves

    “You are always going to the coolest places. I wish I could travel that much for work.”

    I smiled at my friend’s assessment of my frequent travel schedule. To her, my jet-setting is glamorous, filled with three-course dinners, luxurious hotel stays and high-profile meetings. She doesn’t see the rushed airport dinners, back-to-back presentations and short nights spent in hotels. Business travel does have its perks, but most frequent travelers can quickly list their top travel pet peeves.

    As my frequent flier miles continue to add up, my list of travel pet peeves continues to grow, but here are my top five:

    • Lengthy security lines: One of the reasons I feel safe when I fly is due to the security measures we have in place, but having only two or three lanes open during high travel times is my greatest travel pet peeve. Oh, travelers who haven’t heard of the 3-1-1 rule as of yet, should have their own separate line.
    • overhead binOverhead space hoarders: With checked baggage fees skyrocketing, overhead compartment space is prime real estate. On packed flights, passengers who choose to take up space with their jacket deserve an eye roll.
    • Non-business-friendly hotels: Wi-Fi and breakfast are simple yet key components of a successful business trip, and hotels do their business travelers a disservice by forcing companies to pay for these amenities in-house or elsewhere. Good thing CWT offers special CWT Value Rates at thousands of hotels , which always includes free breakfast, Wi-Fi and same-day cancellation policies.
    • Obnoxious seat recliners:  As I wrote in a previous CWT Savvy Traveler post, everyone is entitled to relax and recline their seat during a flight, but be conscious of who’s behind you. If they want to work on their laptop, they’re entitled to a little space, too!
    • Delays: In the world of business travel, a late flight or a room that has yet to be cleaned can be a major inconvenience.  Timing is everything, especially when it’s company time.

    Do any of you share similar pet peeves? Which ones did I miss?

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