• Airport evolution

    Vicky Laflamme
    I remember as a kid when we traveled out of Toronto’s Terminal One how ‘square’ and old looking the terminal was. It truly was one big square with check-in counters, long lines of people, a couple of shops, a place to buy travel insurance and a coffee. That was about it. The open air parking terminal actually was the most exciting thing as I could watch the planes take off and land while my dad unloaded the car with our luggage.

    Boy how airports have changed for today’s travelers! Airports today truly are designed to give travelers the comforts that they need as they move from plane to plane and from city to city.  Airports today focus on the ‘guest experience’ and provide fine dining options, Valet car parking, internet services, top brand shops, business lounges, children’s play areas, massage areas, and even day rooms with showers and a place to grab a nap between flights.

    Consider Amersterdam’s Schiphol’s VIP Service that will take care of everything related to your departure, arrival or transfer, including check-in, passport and Customs formalities and baggage handling. Shortly before your departure time, or upon arrival, you will be escorted to the aircraft or VIP Center by luxury car. You are guaranteed efficient service and a comfortable start or end to your journey … all at a price of course!

    Toronto’s Pearson Airport has recently announced a brand new and exciting dining program to further enhance the guest experience at Toronto Pearson. This new dining program brings together a who’s who from Toronto’s dining scene, with chef-driven concepts and food from local, fresh markets.  Apple iPads will be integrated into these new spaces for guests throughout the restaurant areas, allowing travelers to enjoy at their leisure. From these iPads, guests can order food, browse the web, and stay updated with real-time flight information.

    Most major airports today also have great websites that can help you to know and search out what facilities and services are available to you as you are passing through.  Got a long layover?  Your airport’s website can help you manage your time and experience to make your layover as painless as possible.

    Be sure to even check out your home airport — after last year’s tornado in St. Louis, the St Louis Lambert Airport is now spending millions to improve that facility. Canada’s Winnipeg and Calgary airports are moving into the 21st century with major improvements to make the traveler experience better.  Finally, the airport websites also are a great place to check your flight departure times and cancellations — particularly during inclement weather situations.

    Happy Trails!

    Sources : Amsterdam and Toronto airport information from the airport websites


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  1. Doreen McKay says:

    well written and interesting, Vicky! good work!