• Business travelers: Tips to save on air and ground

    When I’m planning a business trip, there are a variety of factors I take into account when trying to save my company money. One thing I consider is whether or not I can complete my trip in one day, avoiding the cost of a hotel stay … but I’ll tell you more about that some other time. Today, I wanted to focus a little bit on the findings of some research recently conducted by the CWT Travel Management Institute: Mastering the Maze: A Practical Guide to Air and Ground Savings.

    Man and taxiThe research provides a wealth of information for travel buyers about how they can optimize air and ground transportation savings in today’s evolving travel market. But within the research there are also some good tips for travelers regarding how you can support your company’s efforts. Here are some highlights:

    Air travel

    • Book via preferred channels – so your company can track which suppliers are being used and leverage that data in negotiations.
    • Select fares based on your company’s approved approach – this may mean booking only with preferred suppliers or booking the lowest fare available from any supplier.
    • Book in advance – since better rates can generally be secured at least 14 days in advance of travel.

    Ground transportation

    • Consider rail – in areas where it may be an alternative to flying. Compare factors such as convenience, punctuality and cost.
    • Use preferred rental car providers – to ensure you’re getting the rates your company has negotiated as well as any other negotiated services like insurance.
    • Look for approved taxis and chauffeured cars – if your company has negotiated preferred agreements with such providers. Arrangements may vary by country.

    What kinds of savings strategies do you use when you book travel? And how do you ensure — even while saving money — that you’re also structuring your business trip in a way that best equips you to successfully accomplish the business at hand? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below.

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  1. Ginger says:

    I like your idea about looking into rail! That’s something that most people (from American anyhow) don’t really consider as a ground travel alternative. Professional speaker Garrison Wynn just wrote an article in his three part business travel series http://public-speaking-resource.com/ground-transportation/ (He travels to approx. 100 engagements a year.) but taking the train is definitely a missing option.