• Forecast 2013: Highlights for the Americas

    Nick "Brainy Traveler"
    We’re excited to release our 2013 Travel Price Forecast at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) convention this week. The forecast itself contains detailed data and projections about the 2013 travel landscape around the world.  We’re going to break that information down into a series of blog posts, featuring the trends we’re anticipating for each region of the globe.

    We’ll start today with a look at the Americas, brought to you via the video below from Joel Wartgow, Senior Director of the CWT Solutions Group in the Americas. Stay tuned for additional blog posts from our specialists in the other regions of the globe to give you a look at what’s on the horizon in their parts of the world.

    Regardless of your location, I have the following recommendation to all you travelers out there: As rates and fares go up and down, and other factors impact the future of travel, stay clued in to the travel guidelines set forth by your organization. Some companies may decide to change up their preferred suppliers in 2013, or they may choose to loosen some of the guidelines for travelers to decrease the stress associated with the travel process.  You’ll want to be sure you’re up to date on what policies and guidelines apply for 2013.

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