• Networking = Building relationships

    Michelle Hamilton
    In 2012 the opportunities and ways to network have never been more varied.  Face-to-face events, LinkedIn, social networking–the possibilities seem endless.

    So what networking strategies should you use?

    Work toward a mix of networking methods that are both familiar and new to you.  Our world is becoming ever-more technology-centric, so don’t be afraid to give new communication methods a try.

    Here are a few tips for successful networking.

    • LONG TERM: Realize that networking is a long-term endeavor.
    • QUALITY: When attending face-to-face events, concentrate on spending quality time with 3-5 people instead of collecting business cards from as many people as you can.
    • RELATIONSHIPS: Build relationships with the intent that both you and your contacts will benefit from your association. Remember “it’s not all about you”.
    • GROW: Learn about opportunities and people by listening. Make it a goal to listen more than you talk.  Ask questions that indicate your interest in what your conversation partner is saying.
    • CONTACT: Follow-up via email, a hand-written note, or other communication with every new or renewed acquaintance within 48 hours if you want to be remembered.
    • NETWORKS: Continue to build your network over time by adding contacts via LinkedIn or other social media sites.

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