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    Many of us find travel to be more comfortable when we have access to the same electronics we use every day at home. Thus, travelers often bring their laptop computers, blow dryers, electric razors, mobile phone chargers, and more when on the road. When traveling throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, there’s no issue—the same electronics used daily will work in all of these locations. However, international travelers should be aware that their electronics may not work in other destinations around the world.  


    German/French plug. (Wikimedia commons image by Chamaeleon)

    Aside from differently shaped plugs, there are voltage and frequency issues travelers need to consider. And when the voltage and frequency aren’t right, it can mean more than just a device not working. We’ve heard stories of items like battery chargers for digital cameras, or hairstyling devices being fried by voltage/frequency mismatches. So don’t let your valuable devices get ruined by this same situation. 

    When traveling internationally for the first time or visiting a location you’ve never been before, travelers are well advised to check up on both the plug types and voltage/frequency levels common in their destinations to plan accordingly and avoid damaging their electronics. 

    For more information, travelers can check out this handy guide to electricity around the world: http://www.kropla.com/electric2.htm 

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