• Tips for Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Terminal 1

    Nick "Brainy Traveler"
    Airport Tips & Tricks logoAs a very frequent traveler through the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport I thought I would offer some tips ‘n’ tricks for those of you who are navigating the airport and may not be as familiar with the lay of the land.


    Be very careful if you plan to park at the terminal when your flight leaves after 10:00 am Tuesday – Thursday.  Many times spaces fill up and you will be redirected to Terminal 2, forcing you to take the light rail back to Terminal 1.  You will lose no less than 15-20 minutes in the process, and if you are cutting it close you may miss your flight.

    Businessman putting jacket on next to carSpace availability is measured in real-time and you can see this online at the following site:  http://www.mspairport.com/parking/surepark.aspx.  Plan ahead as needed.


    Most frequent fliers pile into the Sky Priority line hoping for access into the TSA pre-check line.  At peak travel times (all weekdays between 7:00am and 10:00am) the line is very crowded and, even with status, you are forced to wait.  I suggest bypassing that line altogether and heading over to the area dedicated to the non-Delta airlines (in the middle of the check-in area).  There is a priority line that is almost always less crowded.  If that is also packed I suggest going all the way down to the far end of the check-in area to checkpoint 1 by the restaurant called “Hot Dish.”  This is, by far, the road less traveled and always has less traffic.


    Once you are into the terminal and you find yourself jonesing for some Starbucks – WALK RIGHT PAST the main Starbucks by Concourse E.  That one is always crowded during peak travel times.  Instead, go just a little further into Concourse C.  You’ll find another Starbucks attached to a book store and it’s almost guaranteed to have a shorter wait.

    This is just the first in a series of featured tips ‘n’ tricks for major airports throughout the United States.  If you are a frequent traveler through MSP, please share your advice as well!


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  1. Monique Maddox says:

    The best coffee is at WORLD BEAN, a new addition in Concourse G. I always add 10 minutes to my time in the airport to stop through for great java.