• Planning baseball road trips

    Cheryl Rodgers
    I am inspired to write about baseball trips because my boyfriend goes to at least one park every year and will eventually get to all 30 parks. He has already visited 21.

    Here are some tips and advice to help you plan your baseball trip:

    • Figure out where the parks are located so you can visit several in one trip
    • Check the baseball schedules to see when the team is at home. (Remember teams in the same city such as New York and Chicago are not usually at home at the same time.)
    • Find out when tickets go on sale in the spring to avoid paying more through brokers.   Sign up for the team newsletters and you will be notified when tickets go on sale. This is especially important for popular teams such as the Yankees, Cubs and Red Sox.
    • Compare flights into and out of the same city versus in and out of different cities; remember to check one way drop fees for the car rental when driving between cities.
    • When selecting your hotel it is most advantageous to find one in walking distance to save stress and money on parking.
    • Food inside the park is a part of the personality and experience of each city. Examples include sushi in Seattle and foot long hot dogs in Texas.
    • Check the schedule for giveaways as they make great collectables and souvenirs. Also, some parks have free concerts and fireworks. I’ve received a free hat and a garden gnome in my travels.
    • Make sure you arrive early so you can take pictures and visit gift shops without missing the game.
    • If you want to fit in and avoid being hassled by hometown fans wear the home team color and avoid the color of the opponent.
    • Check park rules as some allow you to bring food and drink in with you, such as Toronto.
    • Remember to bring your camera, sunscreen, hat and glove if you are feeling lucky!

    Has anyone seen my home team – the Blue Jays – play outside of Toronto?  If so where?

    How many parks have you visited?  What was your favorite and why?

    We’ve also added a few photos of ballparks to our Facebook page. Do you have a favorite photo to contribute?

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