• One of my favorite reasons to travel: Food

    Stacy Sprenger
    One of my favorite reasons to travel is food.

    I know I am not alone in saying that I love to eat. When traveling, I love to try new fresh foods and sample the local specialties. Some of my favorite places to eat are at street vendors, local markets and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Here’s why.

    Street food vendors in Mexico.
    (Wikimedia commons image by Tomascastelazo)

    • Street vendors: In Copan Ruinas, Honduras a sweet lady sold tacos – tortillas, fresh grilled meat and cabbage/vinegary mixture – on the street.  It was a couple of dollars for three of the best tasting tacos I’ve ever had.  I was in the city for 10 days and ate dinner at her little stand at least five of those nights.  I often thought about this lady at home in the mornings preparing the tortillas, meat and cabbage mixture.
    • Local markets: A great place to pick up some locally grown food for snacks or to bring back and cook your own dinner (if you are lucky enough to have the facilities).  Local markets are also always abuzz of activity and a great way to see the local culture.
    • Hole-in-the-wall restaurants: Chinatown, Vancouver. While vacationing in Vancouver, BC, I visited a very small, local restaurant in Chinatown. Not being familiar with the customs of the restaurant, my companion and I ordered an appetizer and each an entrée. I was not proficient with using chopsticks; and, while waiting, I realized I did not see one fork in the restaurant.  I was already nervous about it. Then the food came, and it was enough to feed an entire family.  We didn’t realize it was family style.  Although I was out of my comfort zone, it made the experience very memorable…and, the food was delicious – and PLENTIFUL.


    I would love to hear about some of your favorite places to eat while traveling.  Please share.

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