• Tracking the storm

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    If you’re tracking Isaac for travel purposes, or just for personal reasons, there are certainly plenty of places you can turn.

    If you’re traveling through, out of, or around the affected areas on the northern Gulf Coast, you can rely on CWT Hot News. Our team is keeping travelers and travel managers updated on the progression of the storm and today’s CWT Hot News has notifications about closed airports and rail service.

    CWT’s Hurricane Taskforce continues to monitor the storm and provides regular updates to CWT internal personnel to assess its operations. Additionally, CWT’s Emergency Service Center in the United States continues to ensure proper staffing levels are in place as call volumes fluctuate as the storm evolves, especially outside of normal business hours.

    If you are just an interested observer, Google has a great resource of storm-related info, including details on flood advisories, evacuations, user-uploaded videos of the storm and much more. The map itself is embedded below but there are many more functions available on Google’s page.

    Whether you’re traveling, hunkered down, or safely out of the path of the storm, be safe.

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