• A celebration with intention

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    As we’ve previously highlighted here on the blog, CWT attended the Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) convention from July 22-25 in Boston. You may have even viewed the videos we recorded on-site at the convention with Joel Wartgow, Tony Wagner, Ross Pratt and Barb Barnard, or visited the photo gallery on our Facebook page. And in addition to meeting with clients and partners during the convention itself, our CWT attendees also had the distinct pleasure of spending an evening with clients celebrating and giving back to the local Boston community.

    CWT took over Boston’s Symphony Hall on July 24 to host “Thrive in Retro,” a 1960’s nightclub-style event, complete with the music of the Boston Pops Swing Orchestra. CWT and our event sponsors joined together with our clients to support our host city’s community. CWT’s charitable recipient was Project STEP, an organization that identifies musically talented children from underrepresented Boston communities and provides them with musical instruction – equipping them for a successful future.

    We invite you to watch the video below to get a sense of what this event was all about, and why it was meaningful for CWT and the community. You’ll get to meet some of the talented musicians involved in Project STEP, as well as hear from CWT leaders like Hakan Ericsson, Doug Anderson, Barb Barnard, and Cathy Voss, as they talk about why it’s important for CWT to give back to our local communities.

    Have you been involved in any community giving activities that made an especially strong impact on you? Tell us about them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.
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