• Guest post: Håkan Ericsson discusses visiting bucket list destinations from the sky

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    We’re excited to welcome back guest blogger, Håkan Ericsson, CWT President of the Americas. Below, Håkan shares recent experiences relating to two of his “bucket list” destinations.

    Hakan EricssonHello travelers!

    It’s nice to catch up with you again. Today I wanted to get your thoughts about what it takes to officially cross a destination off your bucket list. For example, if you’ve always wanted to visit Spain, and you had a connecting flight through the Madrid airport, would you cross Spain off your bucket list?

    The reason I ask is that I realized that I just have seen two of my “bucket list” destinations. The first time was on a flight to India and the second one was when I was going to Toronto. Flying to India, we passed the beautiful mountains of Himalaya without getting as much as frostbite. I took a photo out of the window, see below.


    The Himalaya Mountains: from the air.

    When going to Toronto, I looked out the window and this time as we were flying over Niagara Falls. I was also lucky to capture the photo below and this without even getting wet.


    Niagara Falls: from the air.

    I’ve had both Niagara Falls and Himalaya on my bucket list for quite a while, so now I don’t have to go, right? Or maybe my experiences from the window of the planes were not enough to cross these destinations off the list?  Probably not, but I have to admit that I now feel more of an urge to go to other destinations on my bucket list than these.

    I’d love to hear what you think and if you had similar experiences and thoughts. And on a side note, what’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen out the window of a plane?

    I leave you this time with an anonymous statement from the internet:  “I have not seen everything, but it is on my list :-)”

    Until next time,


    P.S. On a more business-related note, I recently had the opportunity to speak with David Phelps of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis regarding the state of business travel. You can read the full interview here.

8 Responsesso far.

  1. Elizabeth Ardito says:

    You definitely need to come back and visit us again in Toronto Mr. Ericsson. We will take you to visit Niagara Falls Canada on the ground level, much prettier!
    Your friends at 10 Carlson Court.
    P.S. I haven’t seen much from the window of the plane due to the fact that I can’t seem to stay awake!

  2. Le Cornec says:

    It’s wonderful to take pictures from a plane. We should do it more often. Pictures that you took are very well done (Himalaya and Niagara) than I pined them on my personal Pinterest account!  Thank you Hakan.

  3. ELAINE says:

    I will never forget the sight of Mt. Ranier through the clouds on our approach to Seattle Airport. Most breathtaking sight and did get a great photo! Always love the beautiful Caribbean waters and the Florida Everglades just seemed to go on forever!

  4. Betty Fix says:

    My most interesting airplane window experience was having the privilege of being on a small corporate aircraft that circled the crater of Mt. St. Helen’s volcano, just a few years after the eruption, which was somewhat exhilarating and yet nerve wracking at the same time.

  5. Gail says:

    Flying in and out of Anchorage Alaska and seeing the glaciers are amazing. It’s hard to imagine they are as tall as a building. If you time it just right with the sun hitting them, they are a brillant blue color.

  6. Merrill says:

    This was actually more funny than beautiful – my friend was watching a golf bag being terribly abused by the baggage handers while being loaded onto the plane and was commenting how that person’s handicap was going to up trying to play with bent clubs – and it turned out to be her bag!

  7. Nivarsha says:

    Great pictures…but definitely should not be crossed off your bucket list! That’s like saying because you watch the Discovery Channel or the Travel Channel you can cross all those destinations off your list. Nothing can replace the experience of walking in that destination, mingling with the locals and discovering new cultures and cuisine! After all this is what Travel is all about! I’ve flown over and taken some great pics of the Grand Canyon and the Hawaiian islands. I was lucky enough to stay in Hawaii and will go back soon but still need to make it to the Grand Canyon! :)

  8. Magnificent! (As usual. 😛 )