• How to maximize space in your carry-on luggage

    Nikki McLain
    I don’t like paying baggage fees, so I try to pack as light and efficiently as I can when I travel. Here are some of my tips for maximizing space when packing your carry-on bag.

    • Start with folding pants on their natural creases, laying the waistband on the left side of suitcase with the legs hanging over the right edge. Repeat this steps with multiple pairs of pants (or event dresses) alternating sides.
    • If you don’t have special compartments or nets for your smaller items, put your socks or undergarments in plastic bags or tuck them inside shoes or corners in between other items. I also like to bring a large gallon size storage bag with me to put the dirty items in on the trip home.
    • Line the perimeter of the suitcase with your belts or scarves.
    • Put shoes or heavy items on the bottom (wheels side, if applicable) so the weight will be evenly distributed.
    • Next, place your toiletries (other than what needs to be in your 3-1-1 liquids bag) and other miscellaneous items, or anything else you might need immediately on top.
    • Lastly, bring your pant legs over the top.

    Finally, anything I want to keep from wrinkling, like shirts, dresses, etc. I tightly roll up and place on top of the rest of the clothes. I usually put dryer sheets in between layers to help clothes smelling fresh and also serve the dual purpose of removing wrinkles. If you find your clothes do tend to wrinkle, look at purchasing something like Downy Wrinkle remover to spray on clothes once you’re unpacking at the hotel.

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