• Vacationing in the Great Outdoors!

    Cindy Nelson
    If the thought of lounging on the beach for a week sounds like torture or spending hours wandering through shops is not on your vacation to-do list – then keep reading!

    Adventure tourism is rapidly growing in popularity as many seek something different from the typical beach vacation. For the more adventure-seeking traveler here are some ideas!

    Kayaking Alaska’s Inside Passage – Kayaks are the perfect way to explore Alaska’s Inside Passage. And it’s not a wonder, considering these were invented by Alaska’s native Ainu, Aleut and Eskimo people. Alaska’s Inside Passage offers visitors the opportunity to explore hundreds of miles of waterways, forests, glaciers and mountains. Many tours are available, ranging from just four hours to over a week. This is a great way for travelers to explore the Inside Passage from an up-close perspective.

    Biking – Boredom will be banished if you take a biking vacation. You’ll find bike trips throughout the world. From the Rocky Mountains to Vietnam, there are biking trips available nearly everywhere with some of the most popular found in Europe. There are many companies that specialize in biking trips, featuring the least-trafficked cycling routes and the most terrific stops: the trattoria where you can lunch al fresco, or the olive orchard perfect for a picnic. Take a bike trip and feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face!

    Hiking in South America – South America is home to some of the most memorable hiking tours of the world and the varied and spectacular natural attractions, archaeological ruins and recreational opportunities give hikers and trekkers ample choice. From the famous Machu Picchu and Inca Trails in Peru to the Chilean Andes, the adventure traveler will find that South America hiking vacations are exotic, exciting and unforgettable.

    Have you taken an adventure trip? Tell us about it!

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