• What’s in store for in-flight entertainment?

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    What’s on your wish list when it comes to in-flight entertainment? Do you wish there was a bigger selection of movies/tv shows/music to choose from? How about access to Wi-Fi being more widespread? Or do you just wish you could make cell phone calls in-flight?

    A recent article from USA TODAY looks at some of the in-flight entertainment innovations that could potentially make their way to an airplane near you in the future: http://travel.usatoday.com/flights/story/2012/09/26/the-future-of-in-flight-entertainment/57845382/1

    How much do you rely on your airline to provide in-flight entertainment options, versus just bringing along your own entertainment (or work)? Tell us in the poll and comments below.

    Safe Travels!

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