• Riveting rides and roller coasters

    Cheryl Rodgers
    I love roller coasters and rides; here are some of my favorite amusement parks:

    Canada’s Wonderland (Vaughn, Ontario): This is the park I’ve visited the most. It is amazing and about every other year a new roller coaster is built bigger and better than the last. They have the classic wooden coasters which provide the unsafe running off the track feeling as well as very large, high metal coasters. They also have some shows, concerts and cliff divers, too.  I try and visit at least once a year.

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Orlando, Fla.): Focus on the rides is less here, but there are still some great rides. There is more of a focus for children, so you won’t find as many big thrills and stomach dropping experiences, but a magical feeling is provided throughout the park that only Disney can produce! There are great shows as well as a safari adventure ride that was engineered to feel just like one you would find in Africa. It’s a must do.  Being an animal lover I really enjoyed this park and would highly recommend it.

    Disney’s Magic Kingdom (Orlando, Fla.): This park is similar to the Animal Kingdom, and I would consider it a must see! If you only have time for one park in this area, this is the one you should choose. It’s great for all ages and has an amazing roller coaster in Space Mountain, which is quite the experience! The ride is in complete darkness so you don’t know which way you’ll be turning, which provides an extra thrill! It’s an unforgettable ride and well worth it!

    Busch Gardens (Tampa, Fla.):This park offers both a safari experience and a variety of roller coasters, which makes it great for people of all ages. There are some very large, unique metal coasters that seat four and sometimes up to six people across a row. The lines here tend to be shorter for larger rides, which leaves plenty of time for multiple rides if you are up for it. They have a fantastic tiger viewing area at this park as well.

    Cedar Point

    Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio): Sadly, I need to visit this park again as rain stopped many of the rides on the day I visited. I would say this park is comparable to Wonderland in Canada. It is actually part of the same chain; however, it is not as large.  There are many large metal roller coasters that make this park well worth a visit.

    Darren Lake (Buffalo, N.Y.): Great rides and roller coasters are the main attraction here. It’s comparable to Cedar Point, as some rides were closed throughout the day, although some of them did re-open later in the day. 

    There are many other parks I would like to visit, which include Disney’s Epcot, MGM Studios and other parks within the chain.

    What is your favorite amusement park, and why?

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