• Tips on how to find local experiences at your destination

    Vicky Laflamme
    Today’s world is an open book when it comes to finding local attractions and experiences when traveling. Since the advent of the internet, it has never been easier to find out about your destination, to find that unique B&B, or to know how much the entrance fee to an attraction may be. But there are other great ways to gain travel insight.  So for the purposes of this blog, I am not going to share the thousands of internet travel and tourism URLs! Instead, let’s look at the other options that, combined with the internet, will help you to quench your thirst for adventure!

    • Talk to friends. But make sure they like to travel the same way you do… For some travelers, staying at a hostel is fun—which can be a stark contrast to someone who prefers a 5-star hotel!
    • Read your local paper. Often, they have great travel sections.
    • Hit your local book store’s travel section. I often travel with a Fodor’s Travel Guide to tuck in my bag to help me find what I need. They’re also a great way to make notes along the way.
    • Rail stations and airports all have great tourist information booths that include someone who knows the area, in addition to other great traveler resources.
    • Talk to your hotel concierge.
    • Start a ‘I have to see this’ folder to save those favorite tips and articles. Then, pull the folder out when the ‘bug’ hits.
    • Get a great travel agent!
    • My favorite…once in destination, talk to the locals. Sit in a local café, find the local markets, or just start walking. You’ll find some of your BEST local experiences that way!

    What about you? How do you find your local experiences when you’re traveling?

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