• Stories from the road: Traveling with your boss

    Nikki McLain
    In honor of Bosses Day , my colleague Collette Williams and I have gathered a few of our favorite “traveling with our boss stories.”

    I have traveled with my boss Kari, several times. I didn’t think I had any interesting stories, but then I recalled a trip we took to Austin, Texas. As I was attempting to print off my boarding pass the morning of departure, I realized I didn’t actually have a ticket due to a glitch in the booking process. After calling the carrier and CWT’s after-hours team I attained the last available seat, which happened to be in first class, by gaining approval from my Vice President (yikes).

    As the boarding door was about to close, I could hear a voice I recognized talking to the gate agent inquiring why she didn’t get the upgrade as she was the top person on the upgrade list. Little did she know, as she would turn the corner to board the plane, she’d see me sitting in first class – most likely in her seat.  As she walked by I gave a sheepish grin as I sipped on my complimentary glass of wine. I explained to the nice steward in first class that the woman was my boss and asked him if he wouldn’t mind sending back a glass of wine to her. Lucky for me, he gladly obliged…

    Collette – now it’s your turn……

    Thanks Nikki, I haven’t been on the road with Kari, but I do have some great stories of being on the road with other bosses.  They are all pretty unbelievable!  For instance, there was the time we were stuck at our hotel when the freeway overpass we had to cross to get from the hotel to the airport was shut down due to a suicide jumper on the overpass. 

    A favorite of mine happened while attending the largest trade show of the year, with 13,000 attendees, where my employer was exhibiting.   The company was one of the premier sponsors and had a large, impressive booth.  While at the booth, a corporate VIP took his sports jacket off, laid it on a back ledge of the exhibit, and a few moments later, the smell of burning wool hung in the air.  He had laid his jacket over some lights, which had burned a hole, a LARGE hole in his very expensive suit coat.  Smoke was literally coming off of his jacket!  The smell of burning wool hung in the air, and the incident was the talk of the show, “did you hear what happened to the VP of XYZ company and how his suit caught on fire?” 

    Finally, there was the time my boss rented a car in Tampa, (my first visit to Tampa). We arrived in Tampa after a three hour flight delay around 2 a.m. , got on the wrong freeway in our rental car and  wound up getting lost.  I was asleep and when I woke up, she told me we had gone about 45 miles in the wrong direction. We got to the hotel at 4:30 a.m., for a wake-up call at 6 a.m. for a 7 a.m. meeting.  The kicker, she got in trouble with HER boss for not self parking and using valet! 

    This Bosses Day, we salute our boss Kari Wendel for being a fantastic leader, always rolling with the punches and going with the flow as a savvy traveler! Happy Bosses Day!

    Have you ever traveled with your boss? Please share your stories with us!

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