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    CWT released its “Business Travel Trends in 2013” overview today. This includes 25 trends CWT anticipates seeing in the business travel market next year. Some will have more of an impact on the overall management of travel programs, but quite a few also have direct impact on travelers. You can read the full list here. Additionally, over the next few weeks we’ll highlight a selection of these trends, starting today with three key areas: online usage, packed planes, and rail travel.

    “Online usage will continue its growth momentum across all regions.”

    Impact for travelers: It will continue to be important for travelers to be familiar with their company’s online booking tool, where to access it, how to use it, and also when to use it. Make sure you know which kinds of trips should be booked online vs. those that may require a call to a travel counselor (many organizations recommend that simple domestic itineraries be booked online, while more complex international reservations go through a travel counselor).

    “Packed planes will be the norm as airlines adjust capacity cautiously to meet traffic growth.”

    Impact for travelers: Travelers will need to book their flights well in advance of travel whenever possible to secure the flights they need. Additionally, packed planes can mean limited overhead bin space, so travelers with carry-on baggage should try to board at their earliest opportunity to secure that space.

    “Rail travel will be faster and even more convenient for business travelers as the number of countries operating high-speed rail will continue to increase.”

    Impact for travelers: Travelers should double-check their company’s travel policy regarding rail travel for 2013. As new rail options are available, companies may be looking to further integrate rail into their travel policy. Additionally, travelers may benefit from having multiple transportation options available, especially as airline flights continue to fill up quickly.

    Business Travel Trends for 2013

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