• Travel to US northeast continues despite storms

    CWT Savvy Traveler
    CWT’s Elizabeth Rugile joins us today with a photo post from New York.

    Following the destruction of hurricane/superstorm Sandy, individuals and businesses in the U.S. northeast are still in the midst of the recovery process. And especially given the recent snowstorms in the region, the process is likely to take quite a bit of time. But as that work continues, travelers continue to visit the region – some to assist in the recovery, and others to do business or contribute to the region through tourism.

    Below are a few photos from my recent trip to New York, a place where the impact of the storm continues to be felt, but the recent U.S. presidential election still drew crowds.

    Flushing New York

    A fallen tree on 167th St. in Flushing, NY.

    Debris near Battery Park City

    Debris, including a man’s shoe, floating in the water at South Cove Park near Battery Park City.

    Democracy Plaza at Rockefeller Plaza

    A Monday night preview of the transformation of Rockefeller Plaza into “Democracy Plaza” for the election night results.

    Democracy Plaza at Rockefeller Plaza

    Tuesday night at “Democracy Plaza,” tracking the election results.

    Times Square

    Crowds gathered in Times Square to watch as the polls closed across the United States.

    Do you live in, or have you traveled to an area impacted by the storm? We hope you are safe! And if you have any advice for visitors to your region, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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  1. Chris Clay says:

    Hello. I work for CWT Solutions Group in Minnesota, but I am originally from the NJ Shore, and my family still lives there. So, the events were very personal and close to home for me. I created a video tribute to my family, friends and the people of NJ. Thank you for sharing these images. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yudk_4I-slQ

  2. Elizabeth Rugile says:

    Thanks for sharing that video, Chris. What powerful images.With family in NY/NJ, I share your sentiments – sending all my best to everyone impacted.