• Part two: Business travel trends for 2013 deconstructed

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    A few weeks back, we took a look at some of the business travel trends for 2013. As a reminder, you can read the full list here, but today we wanted to break down a few more of the trends: ancillary fees, expense management, and game techniques.

    “Ancillary fees on top of fares and rates will be watched closely by travel managers in all areas of the program (air, hotel and ground transportation) and leveraged in negotiations.”

    Impact for travelers: If you don’t know which ancillary services are permitted within your travel policy, it may be worth checking. On one hand, you’ll want to know which ancillary fees you’ll be reimbursed for, and on the other hand, if your company has negotiated the inclusion of ancillary services in your hotel rate, for example, you may want to take advantage of those services.

    “Expense management: companies will increasingly focus on this area to improve data consolidation and the user experience.”

    Impact for travelers: With companies taking a closer look at where the money is going, it will continue to be important for travelers to use the approved travel booking and payment methods set out by their organization. And as the user experience improves, the process of managing expense reports should become less of a chore for travelers.

    “Game techniques will become more popular as a way to reinforce compliance with the travel program.”

    Impact for travelers: Of course, the end goal for the company is to improve policy compliance, but game techniques can make the process a little more fun for travelers. And who knows, there could even be points, badges, or other recognition for the “winners.”

    Business Travel Trends for 2013

    Are you seeing any of these trends playing out in your travel program? Tell us about it!

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