• Check your travel policy for 2013


    Stephanie Miller
    It’s a new year and changes may have been made to your travel guidelines. Travel managers should make sure to keep travelers informed by reminding them where the policy can be found and pointing out any changes that have been made.

    For those of us who work on hotel programs, we know that making it through another RFP season is no small feat. Every year the pressure to find those perfect hotels at the perfect price mounts, and negotiations seem to become tougher and longer.

    January typically marks the completion of selections, and the beginning of audits and other maintenance tasks. Audits are important to ensure that the contracted rates are loaded correctly by contracted hotels—but who will book those hotels if travelers are not aware of them? Travel managers may want to take this time of change to re-iterate their travel policy to their business travelers, to highlight any changes to guidelines, and to remind them of the importance of booking approved travel through approved channels. One of the most important things a traveler can do to help their company is to be compliant to its travel policies.

    Travel managers: communicate your policy, and inform travelers about changes in a timely manner.  Now is the time!

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