• My travel bucket list

    Vicky Laflamme
    As I consider my travel ‘bucket list,’ I think of all of the wonderful places that I have traveled to already.  Like a lot of people, my bucket list changes from time to time as I experience new things, learn more about specific destinations, and hear about other people’s travels.

    But here’s where it stands for now!

    Ireland—Ah, the land of the Leprechauns, pubs, rolling green hills… and my niece!  My niece decided to ‘visit’ Ireland a couple of years ago and never left!  She is my inspiration to go there now—she is getting married in 2014 and if all goes as planned, my husband and I will visit the Emerald Isle to help celebrate her big day.  To me, Ireland is a land of mystique and living how life should be lived…slow, quiet, and not caught up in the grandeur of the 21st century.  I guess time will tell if my images of Ireland are accurate!

    Italy—Fortunately for my husband and I, we have already visited Italy.  We spent 9 glorious days in the Amalfi Coast a couple of years ago.  Whatever you imagined the Amalfi Coast to be—it is!  This was our first ‘taste’ of Italy, and we loved every minute.  Italy makes the list simply because we want to see more!  The people, the food, the wine, the history and those lazy afternoons sitting in the town square people watching—Italy was everything that we imagined Italy to be.  We would like to explore Tuscany, Rome, and anywhere else that we can get to in this beautiful country.

    Australia—This country is on a lot of bucket lists!  My desire to go to Australia is for the obvious reasons that many people think of when considering Australia for their bucket list.  But my husband and I also have more personal reasons.   We want to visit our good friend Albert who lives outside of Sydney.  Albert and I met when we were trekking through New Zealand.  We had an instant friendship—one that has lasted over 21 years.  He has been to Canada many times, attended our wedding, and in fact, he lived in Vancouver for a year so now it’s our turn to go and see him and his world Down Under!

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