• Meet a Road Warrior: Sam DeFranco


    Dominique Betancourt
    Frequent travelers have a unique perspective on the chaos that is travel and on all of the players from TSA to gate agents, airplane etiquette, and more. We spoke with one such individual who will give you insight into his world of travel, and will continue to do so throughout the year.

    Sam DeFranco, Senior Vice President, CWT, travels at minimum once a week and has status on three airlines.

    CWT:  What do you always have to have with you when you fly?
    Sam:  Well for me I always have to have my mobile phone.  It’s my computer, my wallet, my everything!

    Sam DeFranco

    Sam DeFranco takes “Flat Savvy” on a plane ride to St. Thomas.

    CWT:  What’s your favorite airport?
    Sam:  White Plains (HPN). It doesn’t get more convenient than this airport as it’s close to my house and only has three gates!

    CWT:  Worst airport?
    Sam:  Sorry, Dominique, Chicago O’Hare (ORD). It does have a good food selection, but horrible for connections and the weather there has had me staying over a few nights.

    CWT:  Have you sat next to or seen anyone famous on your plane?
    Sam:  I’ve seen and sat next to lots of famous people.  One that sticks out was sitting next to Keith Richards once on a flight from London to NY back in the days where you could still smoke on the plane.  As he was smoking away, we shared a bottle of Porter and Keith talked about his life and adventures. He was quite the character!

    CWT:  What was your scariest moment on a plane?
    Sam:  Oooo, scariest moment was on a U.S. Air shuttle from Washington to New York LaGuardia Airport. When they were getting ready to land, the landing gear would not go down and they had to circle until the fuel ran out. All the while, an 80 year old woman was clinging to my arm shouting that she didn’t want to take this flight in the first place.  Then, low on fuel the plane landed on its belly in foam pit.

    CWT:  What tips would you give any traveler?
    Sam: I’d highly recommend TSA PreCheck as it saves a bunch of time.  Also, for those travelers traveling internationally get currency before you go for cabs, etc. when you land.  It’s a lot trickier when you get there.

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