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    Traveling for business or pleasure can be a drag with the wrong kind of luggage or accessories. Lost bags, flimsy suitcases, or inconvenient carry-ons can make or break a trip. Never fear—I have combed the Internet searching for traveler-friendly luggage pieces and accessories. The following ones looked pretty good to me. But tell us, have you tried any of these? Or do you have other favorite travel accessories and luggage? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

    Trackdot™ Luggage Tracker: We’ve all been there. You get to the luggage carousel after a long meeting and an even longer flight, and as the last bag is pulled from the belt, your heart sinks as you realize yours is somewhere in a vast sea of lost bags. In April 2013, GlobaTrac  plans to release a solution for those pangs of anxiety, as they debut Trakdot™ Luggage, a small device that you link to your cell phone or email, and place in your luggage. When you land, your Trakdot™ device wakes up and sends you an email or text message telling you where it’s at. You can even track the luggage via the map available on the Trakdot™ app. Not too shabby! Click here to find a dealer near you.

    Rimowa® Aluminum Luggage: Your bag makes it to the carousel … crushed. Worse still, the contents of your bag are no better off. Enter the ultra-durable Rimowa aluminum luggage. After all, your suitcase goes in the belly of a plane with hundreds of others—what better way to keep your personal items safe and sound than in an airtight, dust-tight aluminum suitcase? Sure, your metallic beauty might sustain a few dents here and there, but Rimowa™ will replace any chronically damaged bags within 5 years of purchase. The price tag is hefty at around $500 (depending on the size), but this suitcase looks like it should last. Click here to do some heavy-duty exploring.

    "TravelSmith 360 Degree Spinner Ultra-Organized Rolling Carry-On" Photo credit: www.TravelSmith.com

    “TravelSmith 360 Degree Spinner Ultra-Organized Rolling Carry-On” Photo credit: www.TravelSmith.com

    TravelSmith 360 Degree Spinner Ultra-Organized Rolling Carry-On:In many cases, today’s travelers often seek to avoid checking luggage, opting instead for convenient carry-on pieces for short trips. TravelSmith has dedicated itself to creating innovative luggage solutions, and its Ultra-Organized Rolling Carry-On fits the bill. It’s roomy enough for clothes, with boundless pockets for your smaller items. At just 7 pounds, it’s available in various colors and textures, and comes with a free matching tote! Click here to unpack more about this piece’s unique organizational features.

    TEMPUR® Neck Pillow: You’ve made it onto the plane with your indestructible, GPS-tracked luggage, and your incredibly organized carry-on.  Now it’s time to kick back and relax, but that can be hard to do if you’re relying on the standard issue airline pillow. Unwind with the tried-and-true technology that made Tempur-Pedic famous for its heavenly beds—they’ve made a neck pillow perfect for traveling. Unlike many of its non-inflatable cousins, this pillow rolls up tight when not in use, and features a mite-resistant cover perfect for any traveling conditions. Click here to find out more about the technology originally developed for NASA; now conveniently available to you on your flight to Tulsa…or wherever your terrestrial travel may take you.

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  1. James says:

    There is also the Cabin Zero carry on luggage, fits must budget airlines and is available in Ireland and UK here: http://equipatrip.com/cabin-zero-ireland