• Winter travel tips

    Stacy Sprenger
    Travel during the winter months can be stressful! There are several things you can do to reduce the stress before your flight even departs.

    Book non-stop flights if possible – Don’t run the risk of getting stuck in your connection city due to delay or cancellation.

    Travel early in the day – In case of delay or cancellation there are backup flights that depart throughout the day.

    Head to the airport early – Even a dusting of snow or light rain can make traffic slow to a crawl.  Depart early for the airport to eliminate some of the stress of arriving on time.

    Check-in for your flight early – Eliminate having to stop at the check-in kiosk or see a ticketing agent. Check-in early online and head straight to the gate.

    CWT To Go app – The CWT To Go mobile app will allow you to check-in for your flight, receive flight alerts, search alternate flights, check the weather and more all from your smartphone.

    Book through Travel Agent – If your flight is delayed or cancelled, it is many times easier to get through to your travel agent than the airline for help.

    What other tips would you add to the list?

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  1. Patrick Coleman Patrick Coleman says:

    I would definitely add having social media access on your mobile (and having the mobile fully charged)! Some basic tips for surviving winter’s travel challenges through social media:

    1. Travelers in the Americas should follow @CWTAmericas on Twitter, because we send updates that are of interest to all travelers, not just business travelers and not even just CWT clients. If you don’t use Twitter regularly, you may not know you can use it just as a reader/listener, to follow feeds of interest to you, without ever having to say anything.


    2. You may also be able to get customer service from an airline or hotel via social media. Delta has put a lot of resources into this, and other airlines do as well. Have the Twitter handle for your airline handy before you leave for the airport.

    The Delta example: http://twitter.com/deltaassist