• Great beaches to visit

    Cheryl Rodgers
    Here are the best beaches I have visited so far; I have many more to get to though!

    Turks and Caicos offers a gorgeous long beach with white sand so fine it’s almost powder. It’s great for walking, and the clear turquoise water is the most breathtaking water I’ve ever seen in real life. There is a bit of a drop off when getting in and the surf can be quite wavy at times, but overall this beach was wonderful! It is located about 15 minutes from Providencials airport.

    Punta Cana’s Bavaro Beach is a beautiful long walking beach as well, lined with resort after resort. The sand is much darker than it is on the beach in Turks and Caicos, appearing brown rather than white, but the water is clear and the beach is beautiful.

    maho beach

    Maho beach

    St Maarten/St Martin offers a slew of great beaches. Maho Beach is small, yet very active with airplanes being that it’s located very close to the runway. So, if you love planes this is the spot to be!  It’s also a good place to people watch, as tourists’ belongings are often blown into the ocean due to the wind created by large planes taking off.  This is despite the large warning signs lining the beach! Mullet Bay is about a 10 minute walk from Maho beach. It’s much larger and quite secluded, tucked away with very calm water.

    Orient Bay

    Orient Bay

    Orient Bay is located on the French side. It’s a beautiful long walking beach, but tourists beware of the nude beach at the one end!

    Australia’s Lake Mackenzie, located on Fraser Island, is a gorgeous lake containing crystal clear water that also offers a great white sand beach. It is said to have therapeutic properties as well as the ability to clean silver. Bondi Beach in Sydney is another amazing beach. It’s best for people watching and surfing. While non-surfers may consider the water can be quite rough, it is still a worthwhile beach to visit.



    Florida’s Madeira Beach, is very long, which makes it great for walkers and those interested in shelling.  It also offers a gradual slope, allowing swimmers to wade out into the deep water where they’ll have a much better view of dolphins and other wildlife that is moving through. It’s also a great spot for bird watching as pelicans and water birds abound.

    What’s your favorite beach? Tell us about it!

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