• Healthy snacks for travelers: Staying fueled on your trip

    Nikki McLain
    A recent article in the Los Angeles Times mentioned that airline food is getting healthier—great news to those road warriors who practically live off what they receive in flight.

    Healthy travel snack: Quaker Oatmeal

    Healthy travel snack: Quaker Oatmeal. Photo credit: Nikki McLain

    However, any smart traveler would likely agree, it’s still wise to bring your own healthy snacks with you. You never know when the plane might run out of the healthier snack options or if you’ll have time to purchase something post-security before you board the plane.

    I conducted a poll on my Facebook page and below are some of my friends’ responses:

    • Luna bars, Kind Bars, Cliff or Power Bars
    • Low sodium almonds
    • Fresh fruit (apples, bananas and clementines)
    • Granola bars or high fiber cereal bars
    • Low fat string cheese
    • Carrots and celery sticks
    • High fiber crackers
    • Kashi cereal
    • Crystal light packets to put in water
    • Dark chocolate covered blueberries and raspberries
    • Quaker oatmeal
    • One smart person even suggested not requesting the mini bar key at the hotel so you’re not tempted to buy anything
    travel oatmeal

    Travel oatmeal. Photo credit: Nikki McLain.

    If I were a passenger on the recent Carnival cruise debacle, I would’ve had at least a few days of food covered. Between portable oatmeal (just add water) and easily transportable snacks, I could’ve stayed fed for a few days with my own stash!

    What’s your favorite healthy travel snack?

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