• Meet a Road Warrior: Sherry Saunders

    Vicky Laflamme
    road-warrior-logoWho can imagine traveling 40-45 times a year?!  When she began her career in the Travel industry, Sherry Saunders, Sr. Vice President and General Manager for CWT Canada, probably never imagined that she would take this many trips in any given year. And yet, here she is—a true road warrior!

    I talked to Sherry to find out how she navigates the chaos of making her way through airports and sitting on airplanes:

    CWT: What is one thing  that you can’t live without on a business trip?
    Sherry: My blackberry and laptop (although these seem like mere extensions of my body at this stage).

    CWT: Aisle or window?
    Sherry: AISLE! I hate having to squeeze by people to get to the washroom, and like to be quick to exit the aircraft.

    Saunders, Sherry

    Sherry Saunders shares her insight as a Road Warrior

    CWT:  What has changed for you over the years when you travel?
    Sherry: Longer days, trying to maintain a nutritional balance and trying to keep a good physical routine.

    CWT: How many trips are outside of Canada?
    Sherry: At least 50%

    CWT: Have you had any celebrity encounters on airplanes?
    Sherry: Only Canadian politicians – and I’m not sure those are ‘celebrity encounters’  :)   During a trip to Paris, though, I did have one celebrity encounter outside of the Louvre with Meryl  Streep – that was very exciting.

    CWT: Can you share some tips that help you maneuver your way through those countless airports?
    Sherry:  Sure!  Here are a few of my tried and true tips:

    • Flights are full these days – carry on your bags if you can; remember when ‘gate checks’ are offered, there is no cost to gate check – and it’s a great alternative to checking bags
    • Be organized – prepare for delays, and remember–not all security checks operate the same way; some allow a bag, purse and suitcase… some don’t…practice patience and a smile!
    • Have a toiletry bag ready at all times with duplicate items kept in that bag.  Having items such as makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush/comb etc.  pre-packed and ready to go makes packing for a trip much easier.
    • Always check in online ahead of time in order to pre-select seats and avoid a middle seat (which is usually all that’s left at the airport)!
    • Having all booking details on my handheld device is invaluable in giving me quick access to confirmation numbers and booking details should I run into any discrepancies upon hotel/car check in etc.
    • Obtain a pre-approved security clearance for crossing borders and/or travelling internationally.  For Canadian travelers, the Nexus process/card allows you access to faster check in lines both for transborder, international and domestic security lines;  allows for much quicker customs clearance coming to/from the USA with no line up requirement.  For U.S. travelers, Global Entry allows the same benefits.  Check out this link for additional info –  https://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov/main/goes

    CWT: Do you have any favorite stops that you make in certain airports or cities every time you go? 

    Sherry: My husband is a Harley owner, so I often try and pop into the Harley Davidson stores in a number of US airports.  He has about 30 shirts in his collection… so far!


    Thanks for the great tips, Sherry!

    After speaking with Sherry, I did a little homework of my own as well…I was curious as to how many potential Harley T-shirts Sherry’s husband might expect in the months and years to come.  Turns out there are about 836 international Harley shops and about 1500 Harley shops in the USA (give or take).  Given Sherry’s travel schedule, I’m guessing her husband can look forward to adding to his collection of T-shirts!

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