• Ask a Travel Counselor: Flight changes

    Stacy Sprenger
    As a Corporate Travel Counselor, the top question that I am asked is, “Can I change my flight?” Related follow-up questions are generally, “What times are available?” and “How much is it?”

    To address the, “Can I change my flight?” question, here are some key details to look for:

    • Review the existing ticket rules—is it refundable or non-refundable?
    • Check your carrier’s change policy and related fees
    • Evaluate their same-day confirmed option. If you’re changing to a similar flight within the same day, your flight may be able to be changed for a lower fee depending on the carrier’s restrictions
    • Determine availability on the new flight
    • Calculate the fare difference plus applicable change fee
    • Look for alternative flights that may be available for a lower fare difference


    Of course, I primarily work with business travelers—many of whom are frequent travelers—so that factors into the type of questions I receive.

    After recently helping some family members book a leisure trip, I was reminded about how different their questions can be. These particular individuals travel very infrequently, and some of their questions were, ”Can I check a bag?”, “Where should I park my car?” or “Does that flight go out of the big airport?”

    As you can see, travel-related questions can vary greatly. But as a travel counselor, if we do not know the answer to your question offhand, we can typically find it with some quick research.

    What questions have you ever wanted to ask a travel counselor? Include them in the comments below, and we may address them in an upcoming post as part of our new “Ask a Travel Counselor” series!

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  1. Thang Nguyen says:

    Can I change my return flight to another day and a different location?

    • Hi Thang,

      It all depends on what type of ticket you have purchased. The rules and restrictions can vary greatly depending on airline, city pairs, dates, etc. Many airline tickets carry the following restrictions, but again please keep in mind that this can vary.

      • Non-refundable roundtrip—most non-refundable roundtrip tickets do not allow you to change your return city. If it was this type of ticket, you would typically need to purchase a new return ticket for the new city.
      • Non-refundable one-way –most of these tickets do allow for a change in return city. The cost to change would be the fare difference plus the change fee.
      • Refundable—if it was refundable you can generally change the ticket and pay the fare difference.

      Contacting the booking agent listed on your itinerary would be the best way to find out the specific rules for the ticket that you have purchased.
      Thanks for the question!