• Layover at the airport: How can you fill that time?

    Nikki McLain
    We’ve all been there…patiently (or for some impatiently) sitting at the airport waiting for your flight. Do you sit and work, or do you find something more exciting to do? As a frequent traveler, I’ve learned that there are only so many emails I can respond to before losing my mind, so I opt for something a bit more entertaining.  After polling my friends on Facebook and connections on LinkedIn, here are the top things people in my network do to fill that time…

    • man_checking_timeHit up the bar to watch a game, or find an interesting wine bar and select a pre-flight wine or beverage
    • Lounge in the coffee shop while reading the newspaper
    • Get a chair massage
    • Find the airport chapel and say a few prayers
    • Find a spa and get a manicure or pedicure
    • Get your shoes spiffed up at the shoe shine
    • Watch your favorite TV shows on your iPad
    • Return phone calls
    • Buy a local magazine or pick something interesting to read
    • Go shopping – buy your friend or family member a fun souvenir of the airport/city you’re in
    • If you really have a long layover, venture out of the airport to go site seeing. Look for lockers to store your bags if you don’t want to lug them around


    My favorite piece of advice came from a fellow meeting industry blogger, Brian McDermott from Growthworks Inc. He said, “Challenge yourself to do something different – pay attention to see if you notice anything special about what you’ve chosen.”

    Perhaps what Brian meant is purchasing a book or magazine that you normally wouldn’t, or ordering something different from the menu, or potentially venturing outside of your comfort zone and speaking to someone else who’s sitting around waiting. You never know what interesting stories they might have.

    What would you do?

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