• Meet a Road Warrior: Brandon Balcom

    Dominique Betancourt
    Next up in our road warrior interview series, Brandon Balcom, Director of Product Marketing, CWT Americas. Brandon travels roughly twice a month and has status on one airline out of Philadelphia. Below are some of his tips, advice, and insights into business travel.

    road-warrior-logoCWT:  What do you always have to have with you when you fly?
    :  Well, I always have to have workout clothes although they are not always used. There is also this growing need for me to always bring my tablet. It’s the little things of inconvenience of a laptop like weight, space challenges in my seat and the time it takes to fire up. With the tablet, not only does it make all those things easier, it also allows for a mixture of work and entertainment.

    CWT:  What’s your favorite airport?
    :  Hmmm, well it’s really all about convenience. The best for me is Philadelphia (PHL). I’ve never lived near an airport where the commute is so short and convenient. Combine that with my status and I’m breezing through that airport. Although it does have enough weak points to have convenience go down quickly.

    CWT:  Worst airport?
    :  Oh that’s easy. Atlanta (ATL) is by far the worst for connections and DFW is great inside but one of the most complex airports.

    Rincha, Indonesia

    Brandon (second from left) and friends sweating in the intense heat on the island of Rincha, which is one of the few small islands in Indonesia (and the world) where Komodo dragons live. Photo courtesy of Brandon Balcom.

    CWT:  Have you sat next to or seen anyone famous on your plane?
    :  I actually saw Muhammad Ali once. I was on a Delta flight and saw some people helping a gentleman on the plane. What sticks out about that encounter is he didn’t have the prominence that you’d expect and he was so frail. When I exited the plane there was a pile of shredded magazine in his seat, and was a reminder of how the disease has taken hold of him.

    CWT:  What was your scariest moment on a plane?
    :  That’s tough for me because I studied aviation and I know a lot of what’s going on. When you start to travel like a road warrior, you start to ignore a lot and when things happen you say to yourself “just another day in travel!”

    CWT:  What tips would you give any traveler?
    :  I’d first tell people that when the plane gets to the gate, RELAX! You don’t have to be the first person in the aisle, and if you’re in row 30 it’s going to be a while. No need to pull down your luggage and hit people in the head, or reach here or there. You will only get more and more frustrated as you wait there. Also, TSA Pre Check is the best thing to happen in travel in a long time. Being able to keep my clothes on and zoom through security takes a lot of stress off of the whole trip.

    Waterfall - Lombok, Indonesia

    Brandon (center) and friends at a waterfall on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. Photo courtesy of Brandon Balcom.

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