• Set your clocks ahead this Sunday

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    It’s time again – Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins on Sunday for much of the United States and Canada. The change officially takes place at 2:00 a.m. local time on Sunday, March 10, but you may want to plan ahead Saturday night and change your clock before going to bed. Or if you’re traveling during the weekend, check to see if your hotel has changed the clock for you. Many will turn the clock ahead the day before, and leave you a note that it’s been done.

    Photo credit: Getty Images. Copyright Gen Nishino.

    Photo credit: Getty Images. Copyright Gen Nishino.

    While cell phones should automatically update the time for you, it’s worth double-checking to ensure yours is correct. And while we’re double-checking things, remember that for many locations in Europe, daylight saving time doesn’t begin until later in March. So when you’re doing your time conversions, you may want to check timeanddate.com’s list of DST start and end days here. Their list will also show you which countries, states, and provinces do not observe daylight saving time.

    The Chilean government extended daylight saving time, and LAN Airlines is recommending that passengers verify their flight times for upcoming travel. It’s a good idea to verify not only flight times but also meeting times if you’re traveling across time zones in the coming weeks.

    Safe (and on time) travels!


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  1. Patrick Coleman Patrick Coleman says:

    If I’m traveling this weekend of the year, I bring a manual alarm clock. I don’t trust the wake-up call and I learned the hard way two years ago that if I have an early flight Sunday morning, I can’t trust my phone to spring forward at the right time.