• Rental car technology continues to evolve

    Doyle Gunnell
    Rental car companies have introduced new technology that simplifies the reservation process and improves customer service by making the rental pick up process more interactive.

    For example, Avis’ rental car app allows you to book your reservation using apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile. It allows you reserve a vehicle or, view, modify or cancel an existing reservation. It includes images and details of car types, pricing options and car availability.

    Businessman in carIn addition to giving you the ability to reserve your vehicle, Hertz’ “Carfirmation” offers email or SMS alerts, or both, to its Gold members regarding their upcoming rental. The message includes the make/model and license plate number of the car they have waiting for you and, in the U.S. where they have the electronic Hertz Gold Boards available, they will let you know the stall number where the vehicle is parked. This helps save you time as you are able to go straight to your car and get on your way.

    This is only the beginning as the rental car companies continue to search for ways to simplify the reservation and rental process for the customer and improve internal efficiencies.  What tools have been most helpful to you?

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  1. Theo Szymanski says:

    Fascinating stuff, thanks Doyle. I’m glad to see that car rental companies are taking advantage of the vast array of technologies and mobile apps currently available in the marketplace.

    I predict that we’ll start seeing “gamification” enter the car rental space very soon. For instance, there are mobile apps like “Drivewise.ly” that actually grade your driving skills in terms of speed, braking, turning, acceleration, etc. You even have the ability to challenge your Facebook friends to achieving safe driving goals.

    When you consider how important safe driving habits are to a company’s travel department and risk management team, why not equip these travelers with these types of safe driving apps, that could ultimately earn them a reward for safely driving a rental car.

    We live in amazing times.

    Theo Szymanski