• New shops and services at MSP Airport

    Welcome to part one of my three part series featuring new shops and services in airports across the US. I will start close to the home with the airport I’ve been visiting almost weekly….Minneapolis St. Paul, or MSP.



    After getting through baggage drop and security I usually enjoy walking down the main shopping area before heading to grab food or to my gate. Some interesting shops in the main area are Zozo, Uptown Minnesota, Creative Kids Stuff and Minnesota!

    I was excited to see a new Aveda store! In fact, I could smell it a few shops away, and the enchanting organic smelling products will help you smelling fresh and clean in flight. If beauty and hair products aren’t your fancy, there are plenty of other shops to choose from.

    Surdyk's Flight

    Surdyk’s Flight

    How about wine? Nearby at Surdyk’s Flights Wine Market & Bar you can sample wine, purchase a bottle or two, or simply enjoy some tasty eats before take-off. For those of you not from Minnesota, both companies are headquartered in the Minneapolis area represent some of the local flavor.

    If shopping isn’t for you perhaps getting a quick massage will help ease your tension before your long flight. Check out Xpress Spa for quick chair massages, etc. If you’re in a hurry, Cibo Express Gourmet Market offers a variety of grab and go options, reading materials and other fun travel gadgets and souvenirs.

    Mimosas in the G Concourse

    Mimosa, G Concourse

    And finally, if you happen to be lucky enough to depart from G Concourse, you will find Mimosa, a restaurant and bar featuring a vast number of iPads that are available to help you do anything from checking the weather or status of your flight, to ordering a drink and meal off the menu. For a savvy traveler like myself I was quite impressed!

    I might be somewhat biased, but I think my hometown airport is one of the best in the country. It is clean, high tech and has a lot of options for shopping, eating, and not to forget, drinking! So if you are ever stranded at MSP, you can feel relieved by the fact that you are in the midst of one of the savviest airports in the country!

    Stay tuned for part two of this series when I head west and include commentary from guest blogger, Colette Williams, about her home airport of Salt Lake City (SLC).

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