• New Swedish work law goes into effect July 1

    Swedish Work Environment Authority photo

    Swedish Work Environment Authority photo

    Sweden will implement a new law requiring foreign travelers on work assignments of more than five days to report themselves to the national Swedish Work Environment Authority, or employers could face fines. The law goes into effect starting Monday, July 1.

    According to the Swedish authority’s website, the report must be made when a posted employee begins working in Sweden, at the latest. If the posting is for no more than five days, no report is necessary. If the posting becomes extended, a report must be made on the sixth day at the latest.

    Information to be registered to the Swedish Work Environment Authority includes:
    • The employer’s name/company and place of business/headquarters
    • Contact details for an authorized deputy of the employer (can be in the home country)
    • Type of services to be offered
    • Planned duration
    • Place where services are carried out
    • The identities of the posted employees
    • Details about the appointed contact person, personal identity number/date of birth address and telephone number in Sweden, e-mail address
    • Contact person in Sweden
    Fines may be imposed on the employer if this procedure is not completed.

    For more information, go to the official site of the Swedish Work Environment Authority: http://www.av.se/inenglish/
    To read the FAQs: http://www.av.se/inenglish/faq_posting.aspx/
    To report a foreign posting to Sweden: http://posting.av.se/Default.aspx?lang=en-GB

    CWT travelers are advised to contact their employer for support on completing necessary procedures.

    If you have any questions about the information contained in this CWT Hot News, please contact your CWT representative.

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