• Salt Lake City International embarks on terminal redevelopment project

    Nikki McLain
    My colleague, Collette Williams, Global Program Manager for CWT Meetings & Events, travels through Salt Lake City often, so I asked her to contribute a guest blog post regarding the airport. It sounds like there are many exciting things happening! Read on for details:

    Salt Lake City (SLC) International Airport is asking for passenger feedback to help shape the $1.8 billion terminal redevelopment project (TRP) that commenced this year and runs through 2025. An aggressive marketing campaign has been launched to solicit feedback and share progress, which can be reviewed at myairportslc.com. An estimated $400 million will also be spent during this time period on regular airport improvements not associated with the TRP.

    Salt Lake City Department of Airports, Photographer Michael Schoenfeld

    Salt Lake City Department of Airports, Photographer Michael Schoenfeld

    SLC, a Delta hub, serviced 20 million passengers in 2012 with a total of 328, 130 operations throughout the year including commercial air traffic, general aviation and military activity, making it the 26th busiest airport in North America. The current facility was designed over 50 years ago and airport officials recognize the fact that the current airport cannot sufficiently meet the needs of today’s travelers, especially those transitioning through quick layovers. Many planes may are only on the ground for about an hour between landing and takeoff, which can leave connecting travelers scrambling to locate their gates especially if they are located in a terminal that does not have a sufficient walkway, standing in long lines to purchase in-flight snacks, and to be met with the same long lines when visiting the rest room.

    The benefits to the traveler will be apparent. Terminal square footage will double from the current 500,000 to 1 million square feet.  Anyone who has flow in/out or connected through SLC is familiar with the congestion which exists during peak hours where the space is often elbow to elbow.  SLC currently has 86 gates, but only 56 have loading bridges; the new design will deliver gates with loading bridges.  The design will also separate out arrival and departure areas to relieve traffic compression, a new light rail station via Utah Transit Authority, new parking structure and car rental facility, all of which will a more intuitive flow and increased parking spaces.

    The airport, which boasts the top ranking as the best rated airport for domestic on time performance has launched a website, Facebook page and Twitter handle to obtain feedback from the frequent and not so frequent traveler.  Visit the website to Learn why it’s time to rebuild the airport, Engage by sharing your opinion on the project, and Connect with any additional feedback. For those of you who frequent SLC, this is the time to offer your suggestions and insights that 20 million other travelers may benefit from!

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